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We ACT Day 2020: the third edition of Chiesi’s event for a sustainable future
This year, all of the Group’s affiliates, employees, communities and the company’s partners will be attending a virtual edition of the event to confirm Chiesi’s commitment towards...
Chiesi Group increases support measures and announces new funds for employees, patients and healthcare providers in response to COVID-19 pandemic
Chiesi Group e Apotex Inc. finalizam acordo para aquisição do Ferriprox® (deferiprona)
Chiesi Group Announces Establishment of New Global Rare Diseases Division
Chiesi Group confirmed Top Employer 2020 in Italy and Europe
Anvisa aprova a primeira combinação tripla fixa extrafina para tratamento da DPOC no Brasil.
We ACT Day 2019: Chiesi sets itself the challenge of becoming carbon neutral by 2035
Chiesi Group confirms positive trend to date for 2019
Grupo Chiesi é a maior empresa farmacêutica no mundo a ser premiada com a certificação B Corporation
Chiesi´s people management practices are recognized by global entity
Chiesi is the first pharmaceutical company recognized as “Pró-Ética
Innovative threatment for COPD has its first data published
For the second time, Chiesi’s extra fine fixed ICS/LABA/LAMA triple combination therapy wins a place in the pages of 'The Lancet', with the publication of the TRINITY study conducted by Chiesi.
Pharmaceutical company marks its 40th anniversary in Brazil with factory expansion
Chiesi joins the