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Date: 13/02/2017

Chiesi People Management Practices Recognized by Global Entity Organizational environment, attraction, acquisition and retention of talent were the focus of the company in 2016

São Paulo, February 8, 2017 – pharmaceutical company Chiesi, operating in Brazil for the last 40 years, was certified by the Top Employers Institute – a global entity that recognizes excellence in the conditions created by employers for its employees. The company stood out for its good practices in people management. Training and development, compensation and benefits, personal planning and corporate culture were some of the criteria evaluated by Institute when recognizing Chiesi.

For Fernando Almeida, Chiesi’s General Manager in Brazil, receiving this certification is confirmation of the company’s dedication and commitment to implementing and improving people management practices and processes. "In the last few years, important investments have been made with the objective of offering the best for our team, both with a focus on environment and attraction, acquisition and retention of talent," explains the executive.

Focus on people is part of the company's DNA around the world. What proves this is the ninth recognition received by Chiesi Italy. In addition, other affiliates worldwide have been certified by the Top Employers 2017, such as France, Poland, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States. This fact places Chiesi in a select group of Best Employers in the world.
"It is part of the Chiesi 2020 Vision to be an excellent company to work for, and this is only possible when we put our values into practice. This recognition shows us that we are on the right track”, acknowledges Fernando.

About Chiesi
Chiesi, an ethical pharmaceutical company with more than 80 years dedicated to the research and development of medicines and new technologies, is today one of the main pharmaceutical industries in Europe, with an extensive line of products in several therapeutic segments. With headquarters in Parma, Italy, the group operates in all continents, with 26 direct subsidiaries, three production plants (Italy, France and Brazil) and four research and development centers for new products and technologies (Italy, France, United States and England).


Chiesi Farmaceutici’s Brazilian subsidiary has been responsible for the company's industrial and commercial operations in Brazil since 1976, contributing to the trade balance by exporting approximately 25% of its annual production to Europe, North Africa and Pakistan and offering Brazilian healthcare professionals and patients drugs with internationally recognized standards of quality and reliability.

The Chiesi Group currently has more than 4,000 employees worldwide, with approximately 350 in Brazil, of whom about 140 are dedicated exclusively to scientific dissemination to more than 22 thousand doctors in the country.