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The commitment of Chiesi also concerns the development of local communities in which the company operates, in order to promote a sustainable growth of the territory. 


We want to contribute to economic, social, environmental and cultural sustainability of the societies in which we live, being aware, in a shared value perspective, of contributing to the growth of the society while contributing to the growth of the business. 


To have a positive impact, we establish a dialogue with local stakeholders in order to develop social and cultural projects establishing a common network, to have a real impact on our communities.

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We believe in the value and in the key role of volunteering in our society and for this reason, we involve our employees in corporate volunteering. Since 2015, we promote the Chiesi volunteer week, involving Chiesi employees in projects with non-profit local associations. In addition, our affiliates commit to planning country-specific programs to encourage employees’ commitment in volunteering activities. 


In 2019, we have promoted the Volunteer Month, in our Headquarters, involving around 650 employees.