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As a certified B-Corp company that aligns its profit with social impact, Chiesi knows that taking care of the community in which it operates is fundamental! That is why we are working to reduce inequalities, promoting good for the world with transparency and accountability.

In light of this, we have made significant contributions since 2019, thus fulfilling our commitment to support parties impacted by social inequality.



Municipal School -  Educador Paulo Freire



Santa Marcelina Hospital

Pequeno Príncipe Hospital

Santana de Parnaíba City Hall

IDE Institute

APAE Santo André

Lar Maria de Lourdes

Municipal School -  Educador Paulo Freire

Casa Hunter – Brazilian Association of Bearers of Hunter's Disease and other rare diseases.



Municipal School -  Educador Paulo Freire

28 de agosto Hospital

Platão Araújo Hospital

Delphina Aziz Hospital

Foundation of Oncology Control Center of the State of Amazonas

SPA and Dr José Lins de Albuquerque Polyclinic


We believe that success is only possible with collaboration. That is why we are working hard to fulfill our mission of combining focus on results with commitment and integrity, operating in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.