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The Federal Government created the Brazilian Popular Pharmacy Program to increase access to medicines for the most common diseases among citizens. One way is the partnership with private network pharmacies and drugstores, called “Aqui tem Farmácia Popular” ["Here you have a People’s Pharmacy"]. 



"Here you have a People's Pharmacy" aims to reach the part of the population that has difficulty maintaining drug treatment due to the high price of medicines. In this respect, one of the actions of the Plano Brasil Sem Miséria [Brazil Without Misery Plan], created in 2011, with the objective of raising income and welfare conditions of the population, breaking social, political, economic and cultural barriers, consists of the distribution of medicines for asthmatic, hypertension and diabetic patients through the Brazilian Popular Pharmacy Program.

Some Chiesi medicines for the treatment of asthma are available in the Popular Pharmacy Program and can therefore be accessed for free.




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