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Chiesi No-profit Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in 2005 as an expression of the Chiesi Group's social responsibility. The foundation’s mission is to increase the company's knowledge in order to improve health and relieve the suffering of patients with chronic respiratory obstructive diseases, rare diseases and diseases of prematurity through scientific research, knowledge dissemination and by educating health professionals, the public and patient associations.
The Chiesi No-profit Foundation’s guiding and founding values are:

- the human being as a central focus;
- respect for universally recognized ethical principles;
- responsibility towards the environment and society;
- diffusion, without limits or restrictions, of science and knowledge;
- fighting against suffering and inequality.


Chiesi No-profit Foundation programs are divided into four main themes:

- scientific research in order to better understand the patient and improve care by studying pathophysiological mechanisms, phenotypes and analyzing psychological aspects;
- dissemination of scientific knowledge, to improve patient management by the physician and the understanding of their needs by the public and institutions; - training of young researchers to promote scientific research and to develop medical and scientific expertise through economic support for doctoral projects and new training schools;
- international cooperation in the transfer of resources and scientific knowledge to low-income and developing countries through long-term projects geared to self-financing.

Learn more about the foundation at the official site: