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Chiesi Pharmaceutical is an international group, located in Santana de Parnaiba - SP, which manufactures and markets innovative pharmaceutical solutions to improve the quality of human life. 


Chiesi Pharmaceutical recognizes that occupational health, the safety of employees and contractors and the conservation of the environment are among its highest priorities, being these important keys for the development of its business.


The objective of this Policy is to establish guidelines on health, safety, environment and sustainability issues, as below. 


  • Identify and comply with current legislation, as well as the specific requirements of the corporation and other requirements applicable to our operations; 
  • Act strongly on risks to the environment, constantly seeking the prevention of pollution through the correct management of waste, liquid effluents and atmospheric emissions, as well as the rational use of natural resources; 
  • Act preventively in health and safety issues, controlling people's exposure through the elimination of hazards and reduction of risk agents, effective operational controls, promotion of safety culture and Leadership; 
  • Provide a healthy work environment, through initiatives that ensure physical conditions and a favorable organizational climate;
  • Promote the continuous improvement of environmental, health and safety performance, setting goals aligned with the values of the corporation; 
  • Ensure the consultation and participation of employees' representatives in the establishment and maintenance of processes related to the Integrated Management System; 
  • Promote technical training and awareness of employees, in order to make them fit for compliance with this Policy; 
  • Promote the communication and collaboration of stakeholders by providing adequate information to contractors and suppliers;
  • Provide sufficient and adequate resources for this Policy to be complied with. 


Compliance with this Policy must be a commitment of all employees of Chiesi Pharmaceutical Ltda.


Catarina Mariko Hayashi Nakazaki

Industrial Director