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Our mission is to be recognized as an international group focused on research, development and marketing of innovative pharmaceutical solutions to improve the quality of life.

We want to maintain a high quality and enterprising team, characterized by self-confidence and collaboration.

Our goal is to combine focus on results with commitment and integrity, operating in a socially and environmentally responsible way.





was recognized as a B Corp company for the results achieved in social and environmental performance.
For the continued commitment to our patients and to our people.
Because taking care of others is part of us.

THIS IS US THAT believes in tomorrow, in a healthy planet, in a better quality of life.
We who interact with integrity and trust
because we believe in authentic and transparent relationships.

THIS IS US THAT unlocks our potential to improve and develop
because we accept challenges and appreciate our talents,
we who collaborate as an inclusive team
because we are a united team and we respect the ideas and perspectives of everyone.

THIS IS US THAT generates innovation and value putting the patients first.
Because our entrepreneurial spirit and curiosity lead us to excellence.
We who act as a force for good because the health of the planet and its inhabitants deserves our best efforts. For this we produce ideas for a different way of doing business that will have a positive impact on the environment and on people. 


Our values are us,
because Everyone of us is different
Everyone of us is Chiesi.


Only together can we leave a mark.
…And we will keep on doing it.