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Guaranteeing the highest ethical standards at Chiesi is a priority which characterises every aspect of our day-to-day work. Our ethical principles are put into practice by affirming our values and protecting all areas involved in our activities. The society, the environment, and generally all those subjects we interact with (collaborators, patients and stakeholders) deserve our attention.

Ethics for Chiesi means legality, fairness, integrity, responsibility and transparency.

We have always held a firm belief both in complying with the highest standards of conduct and considering business ethics and legal conduct as fundamental pillars of our reputation and success.

For all these reasons, in addition to the requirements set down by laws and regulations, we adopted a Code of Ethics and Conduct more than ten years ago, and in 2005 gradually began to involve all our affiliates in adopting and implementing the Group Code of Ethics and Conduct.

The Group Guidelines on Ethics and Compliance were drafted to harmonise the process of adopting the Group Code of Ethics and Conduct and promote the implementation of common criteria throughout the entire Group on conducting business, with the involvement of all the group’s controlled companies and affiliates.

In Italy, Chiesi Farmaceutici S.p.A. has also implemented a specific compliance programme, the so-called Organisation Management and Control Model (known as Model 231).

In order to uphold the high legal and moral standards of the Group, Chiesi also implemented an Anti-bribery and Corruption Policy in 2015. The purpose of this policy is provide anyone acting on behalf of Chiesi and in its interests with a set of general principles on how to recognise and deal with bribery and corruption issues and how to comply with related regulations, in line with the provisions set out in Chiesi’s Code of Ethics and Conduct.