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Chiesi Foundation

The Chiesi Foundation is a no-profit organisation, founded in 2005 as an expression of Chiesi Farmaceutici’s social responsibility. The Foundation’s mission is to enhance the company’s  wealth of knowledge so as to be able to improve the health and alleviate the suffering of patients affected by respiratory diseases and neonatal conditions.

The underlying values that inspire the work done by the Foundation are:

– a sense of responsibility towards the environment and society;

– the unrestricted dissemination of science and knowledge;

– the fight against suffering and inequality.

The Chiesi Foundation operates through 2 main programmes:

  • the programme focused on scientific research and dissemination of knowledge, to gain a better understanding of the patient and improve their management, by studying physiopathological mechanisms and analysing the economic and social factors linked to the disease;
  • the international cooperation programme, to contribute to the development of low- and middle-income countries, through the transfer of scientific tools and knowledge and the support of projects which promote the full realisation of the right to health of those most in need, with a particular focus on improving neonatal health.

Chiesi Foundation is regulated by a Management Committee, appointed to approve the financial report and plan of activities, and by a scientific Advisory Board, a consultation body concerned with issues of a scientific nature, composed of eminent members of the medical community.

For more information on Chiesi Foundation’s projects and activities please visit http://www.chiesifoundation.org/en/ or write to info@chiesifoundation.org