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Committed to social responsibility, Chiesi supported, through tax incentives, the Music projects in Guri Hospitals and Musical Groups for Children and Youth, carried out by Santa Marcelina Cultura. The institution's mission is to train people, and music is its tool. In 2020, the institution served more than 14 thousand students free of charge at its 44 teaching centers and 01 music conservatory, EMESP Tom Jobim - School of Music of the State of São Paulo Tom Jobim. Since 2017, the institution has also managed the São Pedro Theater.


The support of Chiesi contributed to the realization of 20 in-person and virtual presentations of the Music in Hospitals project. The project trained 33 students for this universe and took music to more than 1,180 people in hospitals in Greater São Paulo, the presentations received 5,537 views. Chiesi's support also contributed to the training of 390 students from Guri Musical Groups, which throughout 2020 held 18 virtual musical presentations published on Youtube, which reached the mark of 185,905 views.


In 2021, the partnership with Santa Marcelina Cultura remains and there will be 50 musical performances with live transmission with Music in Hospitals and the Guri Children and Youth Musical Groups, for an estimated audience of 40 thousand people.


To learn more, follow the work of Santa Marcelina Cultura on social networks: Santa Marcelina Cultura; EMSEP Tom Jobim; Guri Santa Marcelina or through the website: http://www.santamarcelinacultura.org.br/