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Date: 04/01/2017

Chiesi was the first pharmaceutical company to be awarded by the Pro-Ethics Company Program of the Brazilian Ministry of Transparency, Inspection and General Control of the Union. The award event took place on November 16 in Brasília, with the support of Instituto Ethos, CNI, Sebrae, Etco, Apex-Brasil, BM&FBovespa, Febraban and Ibracon.

This program recognizes "companies truly committed to preventing and combating corruption and other types of fraud" from a rigorous review of the compliance program, ranging from senior leadership commitment to training, communication and auditing.

We should be proud, since out of the 195 companies that applied for the Pro-Ethics, only 25 obtained recognition. Chiesi is among giants in their respective industries, such as Microsoft, Banco Itaú, Natura, 3M and Serasa.

We dedicate this achievement to all employees of Chiesi, who, together with us, believe and experience ethical conduct every day in our work environment.

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