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Date: 01/05/2016

Meu Novo Mundo is a social inclusion program that establishes a link between people with disabilities (PD) and companies, through the learning courses of Senai.

Encouraging the respect and appreciation of diversity is one of the pillars of Chiesi - and this value is put into practice wherever the pharmaceutical company operates. In Brazil, the Meu Novo Mundo program is proof of this. Incorporated in February 2015, the program provides seven professionals with special needs the possibility to work in several areas of the company, with the commitment of the leadership to develop them and insert them in the labor market, in partnership with Senai.

"It is part of Chiesi’s 2020 Vision to be an excellent company to work for, and this is only possible when we exercise our values in practice. Encouraging diversity as a competitive advantage and promoting a work environment based on trust, motivation and caring for people are some of our stakes, and this program meets that. It is a great honor for Chiesi to participate in this initiative," points out Fernando Almeida, president of Chiesi in Brazil.

In order for the program to be fulfilled in its essence, these seven professional are accompanied by the tutors and managers of the area of destination to ensure that, within three years of the program, they are fully integrated in the corporate environment and administrative routines. After that, they will be able to compete for opportunities inside Chiesi as any other employee, provided that they meet the prerequisites of the job.

"It's inspiring to see what this program has provided for our company in nearly two years. This group of professionals came to add, we ended up not only teaching but learning as well. It's a win-win relationship," concludes Herbert  Saldanha, HR manager at Chiesi.