Chiesi holds the first Hackathon in partnership with POLI-USP

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Date: 16/12/2020

On November 21 and 22, Chiesi held its first Hackathon in partnership with the POLI-USP university. The marathon was completely virtual and had students engaged in technology and entrepreneurship in order to create new strategies for the central theme: how can innovative solutions improve the daily lives of patients with chronic diseases?


On 17/11 there was a “heater”, an event that preceded the marathon and was attended by Dr. José Roberto Megda, presenting a class on Asthma and COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), providing an overview of this condition in Brazil and in the world so that students were more familiar with the topic, in addition to Chiesi Representatives who contextualized about the 'Chiesi universe', the company's culture and Compliance aspects.


The competitors had a team of 9 mentors specialized in Business, Innovation, Programming, Health, among others. Among the mentors are: Marcio Souza, Fernando Rychlewski, João Quérlon, Juliano Polito, Rodrigo Dias, Lucy Tabuti, Sergio Bergson, Mauricio Farias and Kelly Stéfani who guided the participants during the 36-hour marathon to develop and present the best solutions to the jury in pitch format of up to 3 minutes.


The judges of this edition were Rodrigo Francelli, Marketing Director of Chiesi Brasil, Dr. José Roberto Megda, Dr. Clarice Alegre Petramale, Joaquim Campos and Prof. Bruno de Carvalho Albertini.


The victorious team includes Computer Engineering students Rafael Rodrigues and Kevin Koga from POLI, Karina Mika Communication and Multimedia student from PUC SP and Guilherme Gnipper, student from USP Medical School. The group brought a solution called "MedAmigo", an achievement that may give rise to new ventures by the group.


This was an event idealized by Chiesi Brasil's Innovation Committee with the purpose of establishing effective partnerships with the academic community, bringing to the participants a multidisciplinary approach between the company and the university, leveraging innovation in the health sector.


Chiesi Group

Chiesi is an international pharmaceutical group based in Parma, Italy, with over 80 years of experience and strongly oriented towards research, development, production and marketing of innovative products for the respiratory system, neonatology, rare diseases and other specialties. Chiesi was the first pharmaceutical company recognized as a Pro-Ethic company by the Ministry of Transparency for two consecutive times in 2016 and 2017; it is a signatory of the UN Global Compact in 2019 obtained the B-Corp (Benefit Corporation - company certification and in 2020 received the ISO 37001 certification, which reinforces our commitment to transparency and ethics in business while validating our control processes according to the best existing anti-bribery management practices. Company with Top Employers and Great Place To Work certificates.


USP- Polytechnic School of the University of São Paulo

The Polytechnic School of the University of São Paulo (POLI/USP) has more than a century of history, forming generations of engineers who have also been prominent in the political life of the country and in the administration of companies and public agencies. At the undergraduate level, 17 courses are offered, grouped into four major areas of engineering: Civil, Electrical, Mechanical and Chemical. In the post-graduation, POLI offers ten master's courses, nine doctorate courses and one professional master's course, and also stands out in scientific and technological research, with which it contributes to the social and economic progress of the country and to the modernization, competitiveness and quality of the products and processes of the companies. For more information, visit: