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Chiesi participates in the Programa Jovem Cidadão – Meu Primeiro Trabalho [Young Citizen Program – My First Job], a social initiative from the State of São Paulo Government, instituted by State Decree No. 44.860, of April 7, 2000, complemented by State Decree No. 45.761 of April 19, 2001, and State Decree No. 53,807 of December 11, 2008, through a partnership between government, private companies and non-profit entities.

The program aims to offer regularly attending students enrolled at the state public high school, aged between 16 and 21 years-old, the opportunity to enter the labor market through a paid internship, reducing youth vulnerability and promoting improvement in school performance.

The internship is developed in accordance with the provisions of the Law of Guidelines and the Child and Adolescent Statute, in order to allow the trainee "... social, professional and cultural learning activities provided for the student by participation in real life situations and work in their environment ... "(Article 2, Decree 87.497/82).

The program assists families in situations of social vulnerability, offering young people the opportunity to experience the world of work and encouraging them to strengthen their self-esteem by taking responsibility for their actions, learning about their rights and duties and gaining confidence in day-to-day decisions.

Photo credit: A2 Fotografia / Giba.