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Chiesi requires from its suppliers and business partners standards of conduct in line with the Values and Ethical Principles adopted by Chiesi and expressed in its Code of Conduct. In addition, Chiesi encourages its suppliers and business partners to implement structured Compliance Programs aligned with best practices.



Some of our suppliers and partners are micro or small business owners. We know that allocating resources to implement a Compliance Program is particularly challenging for companies of this size. In order to help them, we launched the "Integral Company" program, developed by Sebrae (Micro and Small Business Support Service), to guide the small and micro entrepreneur about integrity and its importance in trade relations, presenting suggestions for measures to structure a Compliance program in companies of this size. Below we transcribe some of the measures suggested by Sebrae.


  1. Commit to fight against corruption;
  2. Get to know your company well;
  3. Have a code of ethics;
  4. Promote courses and trainings;
  5. Make sure you have correctly done reliable accounting records;
  6. Apply the game’s rules;
  7. Create control mechanisms;
  8. Respect the rules of bidding processes;
  9. Stop and correct everything that is wrong;
  10. Stay up to date.



To learn more about this program, please download the brochures and get tips to keep your business suitable: www.sebrae.com.br/empresaintegra.